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We are excited to announce that Optimum Edge Inc. has partnered with an elite sports training facility, THE SPEED TRAINING LAB + HIGH PERFORMANCE CENTRE/SPEED TRAINING SPORTS PHYSIOTHERAPY AND REHABILITATION CENTRE, located in the GTA Sportsplex at 8301 Keele Street in Concord.

Our facility offers elite professionals to address all areas of high performance sports as well as rehabilitation. It has been our goal to be involved with a one stop professional organization for many years and the individual areas of expertise cover all areas of next level achievements.

Brain Training Gives You The Performance Edge

In sports, business, and every aspect of your life, brain training gives you a competitive performance advantage.

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Think faster. Integrate information more effectively. Make better decisions faster. Experience improved mental stamina and energy.

Better Business Performance...


Improve field situational awareness. Boost reaction time. Optimize eye-hand coordination. Reduce injuries. Increase stamina. Recover faster.

Skating, Hockey, Racing, Golf...

Health Challenges

Improve memory. Increase focus and concentration. Help your brain build new neural pathways to recover. Improve balance, reduce chance of falls.

Your Brain Can Help You Heal...


Brain Training and Neurotherapy Can Boost Your Performance

Our brain training and neurotherapy sessions are the “secret” behind top-performing executives and athletes.
These same drug-free technologies can help with a wide range of health issues, and are proven to help with autism and traumatic brain injury.

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Clear and Effective Thinking

Brain Training and Neurofeedback help your brain organize itself for better focus. Information retrieval and memory are sharper and faster.

Concussion and Concussion Syndrome

Neurofeedback supports your brain in healing after concussion. After 6 to 12 neurofeedback sessions, concussed football players reported ease with word retrieval that was formerly lost, sharper thinking, improved sleep, reduced headaches, increased energy levels and reduced anxiety.

Improved Reaction Time

Athletes in competitive sports love the results they get from Dynavision. Their reaction time and quick thinking after unanticipated events on the field is noticably improved.

Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia

Neurotherapy is an effective intervention for many people suffering from depression, anxiety and/or insomnia, without the side-effects of prescription drugs. Your brain wants to heal itself, and can, with the right support.

Scholastic Performance

Students of all ages simply perform better with brain training. Focus and retention improve, and so do grades!

PTSD and Hypervigilance

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Hypervigilance have responded well to neurofeedback and other brain-training treatments that allow the brain to reorganize itself for recovery.

Autism Spectrum

Scientific reports show that a demonstrated increase in social interaction may be seen in children with autism following neurofeedback treatment. Parents see the results too!

Traumatic Brain Injury

The brain has neuroplasticity – given the right stimulation, it can “rewire” itself through alternate pathways to recover function when an area is damaged.

Peripheral Vision

Your perception of the field of play impacts your performance, particularly in competitive sports. We have technologies that will improve your “combat awareness” in the sport of your choice.

Dementia or Alzheimers

Research has made it clear that stimulating, healing and supporting brain function is helpful in reducing the impact or delaying the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Competitive Performance

Whether you’re racing or simply trying to improve your golf score, giving your brain the opportunity to optimize its performance will help you be a winner.

Post-Chemotherapy Cognitive Impairment

Chemotherapy is infamous for creating a condition known as “Chemo-brain”, more professionally known as (PCCI). Our technologies can assist recovery.

An Unsolicited Client Testimonial For Neurofeedback

My Autistic son has been having weekly sessions at Optimum edge for the last 12 months and what a transformation it has been.

I was very skeptical to be honest but the staff was so warm and comforting my wife and I decided to give Neuro therapy a shot. My son has showed incredible improvement with his Eye-hand co ordination and a dramatic change in his anxiety levels since he started. I know it is really making a difference to him because when we first started I pretty much had to force him to go every week. A few weeks later he was asking me when his next appointment was going to be.

I strongly encourage you to give Optimum Edge a try. You won’t be disappointed!!!

Jason Riley
Racing With Autism

Print Our Brain Training Services List and Fees

Here's a full list of our available services, as well as our price list. Download our full brain training brochure here.

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  • Concussion Treatment
  • Sports Training
  • Anxiety Help
  • ADHD Focus Improvement
  • Autism Treatment
  • Parkinson’s Disease Therapy
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Support
  • Headache Reduction
  • Reduced Insomnia
  • Anti-aging
  • Fall & Accident Reduction
  • Insomnia and Sleep Issues
  • PTSD Allieviation
  • Spiritual Development
  • Depression Treatment Without Drugs
  • Stroke Recovery
  • Reduce Cognitive Decline from Dementia
  • Boost Verbal Learning Skills
  • Stress Reduction
  • Scholastic Performance Improvement
  • Social Skills Development
  • Creativity Enhancement
  • Focus Improvement
  • Reduced Brain Fog
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • May reduce “Chemo Brain” (PCCI)

What Is A Brain Training Session Like?

Here’s What You’ll Experience…

Brain Training Helps Your Brain Improve Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity: “the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic
connections, especially in response to learning or experience or following injury.”

How Do I Get Started With Brain Training at Optimium Edge?

Because we have a comprehensive range of equipment and brain training therapies available, our services are personalized. You can get started by booking a complimentary discovery session at our office located at the GTA Sportsplex, 8301 Keele St #1, Concord, ON L4K 1Z6. Inside the SPEED TRAINING LAB 2nd Floor. During your session we can discuss your needs and goals, and you will get a chance to try our services.

Save With Appointment Blocks

Our therapies are usually booked as blocks of appointments. If you decide to go
ahead, we’ll schedule your sessions to give you the best results, at convenient
times for you. Most people start with 10 sessions at 20 to 45 minutes each, and
experience a noticeable improvement in that time. Our affordable brain training
sessions range in cost from $35 to $65 each, depending on the package chosen.
See our pricing guide for more details.

For more information please see our Brain Training Services and Fees Brochure.

  • Step 1

    Our first priority is listening. We need to thoroughly understand your personal, business and/or recovery goals.

  • Step 2

    Then, we map out a detailed and personalized plan to help you reach your goals.

  • Step 3

    Then your brain training and neurotherapy treatment goes to work to help your brain heal and strengthen itself!

Dynavision D2 Brain Training Equipment

Our Performance Training Technologies

Dynavision D2 Reactive Training

Dynavision D2 improves your active perception, peripheral awareness, decision making, cognitive processing and reaction time. While it’s widely used by athletes to optimize their sensory motor integration, it can be used by anyone who wants to improve the integration of their brain and body. Dynavision is designed to train both reactive and proactive response, and keeps a record of your performance so that your results can be measured.

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NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Training

Neurofeedback has been used by Olympic athletes, opera singers, race car drivers, business professionals and others who want to experience top cognitive and physical performance. It’s also a safe and proven therapy for ADHD, PTSD, epilepsy, insomnia, autism and more – even safe for children. Neurofeedback gives your brain the ability to organize itself for optimum performance!

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NeuroTracker and Vizual Edge - Perceptual Cognitive Training Tools

Used by elite athletes and military Special Forces to heighten human performance, by clinicians to improve the cognitive health of patients, and by students to boost learning – NeuroTracker transforms lives.

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We Also Offer:

  • Vizual Edge Performance Trainer
  • AVE – Audiovisual Entrainment
  • PEMF – Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency Therapy
“Your brain, given the right support, knows how to optimize its performance and help you heal. We give you that support at Optimum Edge.”
Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment

Recovering and Thriving

A horrific accident led to the founding of Optimum Edge.

My son Reid, who had already been diagnosed with a learning disability and ADHD, also had to deal with further challenges when he was injured in a car accident, and then in a horrific Go Kart racing accident.

He had head injuries and was He was officially diagnosed with having Concussive Syndrome and suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Our search for treatments that made a difference lead to the founding of Optimum Edge, helping not only Reid but hundreds of others.

Read the full story…

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You’ll Feel Better And You’ll Perform Better

This brain training and neurotherapy stuff can sound intimidating, especially if you’ve never encountered it. We want you to experience how your brain can help you optimize your performance, so we encourage you to ask questions or come in for an introductory session.

Ready To Try Us Out?

Brain training is remarkable technology that will help you feel and perform better.

Call (905) 291-0323 to book an appointment now, or fill out this form if you have a question.

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Your initial consultation in our Concord, Ontario office is free. Come in and learn more about how our brain training systems can boost your performance.

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