5 Ways to Practice Self-Care Every Day

It is that infamous time of the year again for parents… Back to School Season. Back to school means back to routine, rituals and the rhythm of your calendar. Now that you have more time to put yourself back on your priority list, here are 5 simple and relaxing ways to incorporate self care into your daily life.


“I think we’re now coming to a realization that what we need as women to get through this busy, stressful time is more focus inwards, more focus on ourselves, and more of that kind of quiet time.” – Dr. Naomi Judge


  1. Breath Work – Take deep, slow and deliberate breaths. It is the the fastest way to simultaneously nourish your cells with oxygen, slow your nervous system and clear your mind. Studies show that deep breathing may trigger body relaxation responses and benefit both physical and mental health. “It is defined as a body–mind training for dealing with stress and psychosomatic conditions.” Check out this 5-minute breathing exercise
  2. Meditation or Neurofeedback – For some parents, the idea of sitting quietly in silence for 10 whole minutes sounds like a stretch! So you might need to take your quiet time elsewhere. If you have tried meditation before and you feel like it’s not for you, you’ll be happy to know there are a couple of therapies out there that can help you achieve a meditative state without having to meditate. Sensory Deprivation Tanks and Neurofeedback are two highly effective, and non-invasive therapies that can help you quiet the mind and reach that state of relaxation. Do you live in the GTA, and want to try Neurotherapy for yourself? Grab your free consult here
  3. Move Your Body Daily – Connecting with your body and breath through movement is one of the best ways to fill your own cup up. Not only does exercise increase endorphins and balance your hormones, it also gives you the energy you need for mental clarity and focus. Your ‘workout’ doesn’t have to mean an hour of lifting weights or running the treadmill at the gym. There are so many different ways to move your body. The most important thing is that you actually ENJOY it! Try these different types of exercise; Yoga, Pilates, Walking, Hiking, Swimming, Biking, or Resistance Training. Here is a quick Pilates session that you can try from anywhere.
  4. Audiobooks + Podcasts – Lots of parents (and busy adults in general!) find themselves falling asleep after just a page of reading. At that pace, it can be hard to fit in a good reading session more than a couple of times per month. Seeking out new topics, interests and information is one of the best ways to add some spice into your daily routine. Instead of listening to the radio during your commute, try a podcast or an audiobook instead. You can also listen to these while doing chores or while out on a walk with the dog.
  5. Music – blast your favourite tunes and dance it out! Yes, this is one of the absolute best ways to recharge your body and mind, and boost your mood too. As simple as it sounds, scientists have found that listening to particularly happy or sad music changes the way we perceive the world. Choose a track that will elevate your mood, or evoke an emotional response to remind you that you are here and now.


Written by: Vanessa Fioretti, RHN from Here & Now Media