Autism Treatment

Neurofeedback for children with autism is safe, painless, and has proven to be an effective and long-lasting autism treatment in many cases. It’s not a miracle treatment, but it is a drug-free intervention that often produces noticeable results. Several clinical studies have shown significant improvements in social, emotional, and behavioral functioning in the majority of participants, in 10 to 18 weeks.

From Asperger’s to full-blown autism spectrum disorder (ASD), clients with sensory integration disorders find improvement in helping their brains regulate themselves with neurofeedback.

There are over 40,000 children and youth with autism in Ontario.

Several clinical studies related to autism treatment with neurofeedback have shown significant improvements in social, emotional, and behavioral functioning in the majority of participants, in 10 to 18 weeks. Neurotherapy offers help by giving the brain a chance to reorganize itself and improve the functioning of its processing system.

Customized, Structured Therapeutic Activities

For a child on the Autistic Spectrum, change can be very disturbing. We work with you to establish a brain training program that is appropriate for your child’s specific needs. From your child’s perspective, the treatments are games… they get to come to our centre and play these games in a safe and friendly environment- and they feel better when they do.

Without structured intervention, children with developmental disabilities can grow into adults in crisis. We help you create a program customized to help your child improve their brain’s processing skills in critical areas.


Neurofeedback For Autism Supports:

  • Increased interactivity, social and relationship skills
  • Improved verbal skills
  • Better attention, concentration, and focus
  • Calmer mood
  • Reduced emotional outbursts
  • Better adjustment to change
  • Increased initiation of contact
  • Better understanding and cooperation with instruction from parents/teachers
  • Fewer ritualistic behaviours/compulsive thoughts
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Decreased hyperactivity
  • Improved sleep

Treating Both Autism And ADHD

“Recent studies have suggested that between 30 to 61% of individuals with autism also have symptoms of ADHD.”

Until recently (2013), guidelines from the American Psychiatric Association specified that an individual could be diagnosed with autism or ADHD, but not both. This can cause confusion in treatment for some patients, as well as missed opportunities for intervention. Neurotherapy has proven to be effective in assisting the brain to reorganize itself and improve its processing capacity in both autism and ADHD.

Free Initial Consultation For Autism Treatment

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