Peak Performance In Racing


Brain Skills Training For Racing Wins

Brain Training For RacingIf you or your child races, you know the excitement of competition, the thrill of giving your best to lead the pack and win. There’s only one winner in a car or go-kart race, but what if you could add a skill set to catapult you to greater potential faster and easier?

We all know the benefits of lots and lots of practice and being physically fit to reach maximum performance levels. Now research shows that the mind is becoming the defining difference in success on the track and off. It is tapping into the amazing potential of this organ and its intricate connection to the body that will provide the elusive edge.

In racing, the difference between being just good or being great, is how you can process information, anticipate the movement happening around you without compromise in your performance.

At Optimum Edge, we can provide mind skills that make the difference.

Mind Training For Racing Performance

Our sophisticated technology provides training to make you faster, react quicker, drive at peak performance while under stress and be more aware of your surroundings. We also work at helping you find the zone and stay in it longer.

We use unique high-performance devices to achieve your advantage on the track. The DYNAVISION, which is a visual reaction, computerized training system, works by combining your field of vision, reaction time, body movement and cognitive decision-making tasks all at the same time. These tools help improve results while helping the driver put themselves in a better position to stay out of harm’s way.

Fun Training With Great Results

The computer tracks you progress and your score reflects your reaction time, accuracy, number of lights missed or hit and compares your score to other users making it a fun competitive training activity.

Dynavision is used extensively in training facilities for both professional and amateur sports. In particular, Kasey Kahne was featured on a recent news segment discussing his use of Dynavision to improve his racing performance.

In Nascar and in other racing, drivers have to process information coming at them all the time, plus be aware of everything in their periphery. It just makes sense to do this type of training.

Safe For All Ages

The fact that the Dynavision can be programmed to so many different levels means people of all ages and developmental stages and in every sport can use it. It has had a long history of over 20 years in the rehabilitation, vision training, Traumatic brain injury (TBI), and more recently has been used extensively in concussion base line testing, and return to play programs.

Bio and Neurofeedback has also been successfully used for peak performance applications. Users of neurofeedback utilize the system to gain a mental and physical boost. Their enhanced ability to both relax and focus means that they can “be in the moment” without stressing about what happened in the past, or what could happen in the future. In addition, the release of tension means athletes suffer fewer sore muscles and recover from injuries more quickly.

racerightpictureThink Clearly Under Stress

Stress is the biggest factor in lack of performance in racing. The ability to remain calm, think clearly and make good decisions under stress will make the difference in obtaining great results.

Optimum Edge offers biofeedback and Neurofeedback training to ensure drivers can achieve their focus and mental composure. It enables the driver’s to reach the “Zone” or “Flow,” state quicker and easier while maintaining that state for longer periods of time. It also enhances visualization. Numerous professional athletes use these techniques to achieve peak performance, including Red Bull’s High Performance Athletic division and F1 Ferrari Scuderria race team. Our own Canadian Olympic team, professional golfers and many others are using Bio and Neurofeedback to reach their optimum performance.

Try A Free Consultation

These training sessions take little time or effort on behalf of the users and become a great opportunity to relax and enjoy a very pleasurable calming experience, reducing tension, increase awareness and maintain focus.

We have programs to suit everyone. Our initial free consultation will be to discuss and evaluate your goals and recommend a training program to meet your needs. We have programs for one-on-one training, or we can provide a team approach. Whatever works, you will have a customized program to fit your needs and aspirations.