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Figure SkatingOptimum Edge is a state of the art brain training center which provides individualized training that integrates both the brain and the body for high-performance figure skating results!

Special Brain Training Options For Figure Skaters

What Elvis Stojko Says About Optimum Edge Brain Training For Figure Skating

Elvis Stojko Brain Training Testimonial

Elvis Stojko, photo by Nick Kozak

“To be a world champion figure skater, or to excel in any other competitive sport, you need to train hard. One of my advantages is that I learned to train my brain to work better with my body. The brain training technologies available at Optimum Edge helped integrate and improve my brain/body performance.

Reid customized a program just for me – he really paid attention to optimizing the training for my individual sports. I immediately saw an improvement in my focus and reaction time. I noticed faster reflexes, improved speed and keen awareness while improving my peripheral perception. I also became more relaxed, and had a heightened ability to be centered and calm while under pressure on the ice.

I know these brain training skills will also help talented young figure skaters or any athlete, to immediately recover and refocus if they make a mistake that could cause the rest of their routine to falter.

Training dynamic vision skills and using Neurofeedback will heighten the ability of any person beyond what they could ordinarily achieve with any other traditional types of conditioning or training.”

Brain Training Equipment And Core Benefits

  • Dynavision D2 – Dynamic Visual Training – Specific Vision Skills developed
  • NeuroTracker (NT) – Multiple Object Tracking, Focus, and vision skills
  • Vizual Edge – depth perception, convergence and divergence – remote training
  • AVE – Audio Visual Entrainment (for stress, focus, anxiety, relaxation etc.)
  • Neurofeedback (NF) – focus, performance enhancement, stress and anxiety
  • Biofeedback – calm and focus
  • PEMF – Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency Therapy – injury, well being