Improve Your Golf Score


Brain Skills Training To Improve Your Golf Game

“The most important distance between you and the ball, is the 6 inches between your ears”

You have the ability to play golf better than you ever thought possible. No matter what your score is – whether you’re just a 90s-shooter, have the talent to break 80, shoot par, or even turn professional, greater potential dwells within you.

If you want to become great – or heck, just darned good – it will take more than practice. Hitting hundreds of balls at the driving range is not the best way do it, nor is all the practice and hours of physical workouts. It is tapping into the amazing potential of your brain, and its intricate connection to your body, that will provide the elusive edge.

Why Olympic Athletes Use Brain Training

We all know the benefits of being physically fit, but now, awareness of the mind is becoming the defining difference. In golf, the difference between a good game and a great game is usually measured by your mental awareness and ability for consistency. Many elite Olympic Athletes use brain skills training to supplement their rigorous physical training.

At Optimum Edge, we can provide mind skills that make the difference.

How We Help Your Brain Improve Your Game Of Golf

If you devote much time to golf, or any other sport, you may have experienced from time to time the phenomena known as “the zone,” when every movement turns out just right, and your brain works in perfect sync with your body. It’s an exhilarating experience, but then comes the frustration of knowing that these flashes of brilliance are very elusive, and cannot be summoned at will. Or can they?

If you follow the sports news, you may have heard about how the Italian soccer team impressed not only soccer fans, but also the world, with their 2006 World Cup win, after spending time in what became known as the “brain room.” Among the techniques used, helping the team to achieve this success, was neurofeedback therapy, which is a form of biofeedback that can actually change the way your brain functions.

More and more athletes are using Neurofeedback to enhance their ability to perform at a high level. Individuals seeking to improve their golf score are turning to Neurofeedback training to improve their ‘mental game’ of golf. PGA greats like Phil Mickelson, Andy Mathews, Scott Hawley and many others, who choose not to disclose their “advantage” use both Bio and Neurofeedback to achieve peak performance.

Get In The Zone To Improve Your Golf Score

The brain is the most important “muscle” in the golf game, and that controlling breathing and heart rate is especially helpful for reaching peak performance

Neurofeedback uses an EEG machine that reads brain waves, and after several sessions, may enable you to easily access the brain wave frequencies that are typical of that heightened state of creativity and proficiency also known as the “flow” or the “Zone”.

Bio and Neurofeedback has also been successfully used for peak performance applications in all areas of life. Users utilize the system to gain a mental and physical boost. Having the ability to both relax and focus means that they can “be in the moment” without stressing about what happened in the past, or what could happen in the future. In addition, the release of tension means athletes suffer fewer sore muscles and recover from injuries more quickly.

Stress is the biggest factor in poor performance in any sport. The ability to remain calm, think clearly and make good decisions under stress will make the difference in obtaining great results.rightsideimage

These training sessions take little time or effort on behalf of the users and become a great opportunity to relax and enjoy a very pleasurable, calming experience, reducing tension, increasing awareness and maintaining focus. Our system enables you to learn more easily and quickly during sessions with your coach or trainer, and achieve higher levels of performance in shorter time. Because your brain is good at learning, after your package of sessions, you’ll find the results “stick”. You won’t need to do neurofeedback forever to maintain a better golf game, although golfers seeking their best scores tend to visit for monthly boosts.

There can be many additional benefits from brain skills training including peak performance benefits at work, improvements in sleep, enhanced mental well-being, memory, relationships, reduced pain and reduction in many other physical and mental concerns.

We have programs to suit everyone. Our initial free consultation will be to discuss and evaluate your goals and recommend a training program to meet your needs. We have programs for one-on-one training, or we can provide a team approach. Whatever works, you will have a customized program to fit your needs and aspirations.

Neurofeedback Brain Training Can Help You With:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • Performance enhancement (sports, music, academic, business, personal)
  • Migraines
  • Focus and clear thinking
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Brain side effects of chemotherapy
  • Chronic pain
  • Addictions

Much Success Has Also Been Achieved With:

  • Autism
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Parkinson’s
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Abuse
  • Trauma
  • PTSD

“Neurofeedback is perhaps the worst kept performance enhancement secret in sports today”