Neurotherapy FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

During your brain training you’ll have a few sensors attached to your scalp and earlobes with water-soluble gel. No current is passed through your brain, the sensors are simply reading and recording your brainwaves during your session. Some people report feeling more alert or calm after a session.
While some people feel results immediately, typically a minimum of 10 sessions are necessary to establish the new brainwave patterns. Of course, everyone’s brain, situation and goals are different.
Results are typically noticed in from one to five sessions.
Neurofeedback and other forms of neurotherapy are educational tools that help the brain recalibrate itself. While our clients report feeling more calm, balanced, focused and mindful, we do not diagnose or treat any psychatric disorder. We don’t offer medical techniques – instead, we support you brain in healing itself.
There have been studies that show results from brain training even after 10 years, but results vary and some individuals require tune-ups from time to time.