Dynavision D2 Brain Training

Dynavision Brain Training and Cognitive Therapy

Michael Santaguida trains on the Dynavision D2

Michael Santaguida trains on the Dynavision D2

The Dynavision is a cutting-edge innovation in brain training and cognitive therapy, which has been recognized as the premier visual-motor reaction training system for over 25 years. It is used to help improve many aspects of human performance, including eye-hand coordination, visual reaction time, peripheral awareness, concentration, focus, speed and span of recognition, balance, cognitive processing abilities, decision-making under stress, and economy of motion.

The light-training reaction device was developed to train Sensory Motor Integration through the visual system. The increased ability to receive visual stimuli, mentally process this information, then react to it with a motor response has vast implications for human performance. Designed originally for high-performance athletic training, it was soon discovered as an incredible evaluation tool for head-injuries, concussions, and visual field-deficits. The Dynavision D2 Visuomotor with a Tachtistoscope, a system that is widely used by professionals and amateurs in all areas for Reactive/Cognitive Training and Testing.

The incorporation of gross physical movements, peripheral visual field, and cognitive challenge set the D2 apart from any other device. The sophisticated software provides a great vehicle for tracking improvement.

Dynavision focuses on enhancing performance and improving safety while delivering state-of-the-art technology that makes you better!

This innovative combination of training vision, cognitive and motor skills together enhances development of each of these systems in concert, and provides greater performance improvements than working on them independently.

Treating Concussion With Dynavision

“The Dynavision D2 is without doubt the foremost effective device for diagnosing and managing concussions in the world today.”
– Dr. Joseph F. Clark, University of Cincinnati Medical Center

See Dr. Clark’s full testimonial for Dynavision for Concussion.

Dynavision Supports Safety On The Field and Injury Recovery

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Benefits of Dynamic Vision Training (DVT)

Dynavision D2

Dynavision D2

  • Have improved Visual Performance
  • Avoid Injuries and Concussions
  • Have better situational Awareness
  • Have better response time
  • Have better and faster decision making skills
  • Have better anticipation skills
  • Have the ability to process more information and at faster rates
  • Have expanded peripheral awareness
  • Have better concentration and tracking skills
  • Have better balance
  • Improved eye-hand coordination
  • Increased efficiency to absorb visual information under a variety of cognitive demands
  • Improved speed and span of recognition
  • Improved anticipation and visual reaction
  • Improved concentration under stress and fatigue
  • Improved dynamic visual acuity
  • Improved mental stamina resulting in less mental mistakes
  • Baseline concussion testing to use objective standards to help coordinate return to play after a concussion

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