Vizual Edge Performance Trainer

The Vizual Edge Performance Trainer is a great way, and an easy way, to raise your game—whatever your sport or level. Think of it like weight training for the eyes—but it’s not heavy lifting at all. And it doesn’t involve any performance-enhancing drugs or anything like that. It’s actually quite easy to do.

Chicago Women Magazine Talks About Vizual Edge For Sports And Academic Performance

So What Is VEPT?

Vizual Edge (Patent No. 7326060) is a computer based 3-D visual performance assessment and enhancement sports vision training tool that improves your timing, visual perception, decision-making and your overall visual system. VEPT evaluates, measures, then boosts the speed and efficiency of your eye movements, depth perception, recognition, and tracking ability, as well as the reaction time and accuracy of your responses.

How Does Vizual Edge Help Performance?

Seeing is Everything! Vizual Edge improves perception.

Seeing is Everything!

It’s a scientific and proven approach that improves the clinical qualities of your vision in ways that raise your level of play. It’s THAT simple. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a weekend warrior or a serious student athlete pushing yourself to that next level — Vizual Edge makes the difference. Let’s take a look at the evaluation and training exercises you get. Click on each one.

Vizual Alignment® – If your eyes don’t line up exactly on a target, your brain gets the wrong visual information. VEPT evaluates and measures your visual alignment.

Depth Perception – Depth perception is all about your eyes working together to place objects accurately in space so you can catch it, hit, move it—whatever you need to do. VEPT evaluates and measures your depth perception.

Vizual Flexibility® – Your eyes must move together simultaneously and efficiently for good hand-eye coordination. VEPT gives you clinically designed exercises to build visual flexibility and coordination.

Vizual Recognition® – Visual memory is real—and it’s important. Athletes need to remember and react instantly to what they see. VEPT enhances visual recognition skills.

Vizual Tracking® – Most sports demand intense single-point focus and tracking. Training improves your tracking—and that’s what you get with Vizual Edge.