Elvis Stojko recommends Brain Training
“The brain training technologies available at Optimum Edge helped integrate and improve my brain/body performance. ”

See the full testimonial by Elvis Stojko on our Figure Skating Excellence page.

Elvis Stojko
Three-time World Champion Figure Skater
Santaguida Hockey Performance Testimonial
“Optimum Edge has shown me how important implementing a proper supplemental eye training regimen can be. Within just the first few sessions I could easily notice a difference in my tracking and peripheral abilities on the ice. They’ve provided me with the necessary training, tools and knowledge to help me take my game to the next level. Thank you!”
Mike Santaguida
Division 1 Goalie with the University of Vermont
Racing Performance Testimonial
“The NeuroFeedback training program with Optimum Edge has been an enormously beneficial addition to my weekly routine. Increased concentration, improved emotional control, and an overall gain in cognitive function are just a few of the benefits I’ve experienced, among many more.

Through Optimum Edge and my weekly training, I have gained the ability to overcome my ADD without the use of powerful medication, and to have the concentration and focus to complete my daily tasks on time and successfully. I highly recommend partaking in all programs that Optimum Edge offers for both athletes and professionals looking to further themselves in any field.”

Max Preston
Alex performance improvement testimonial
“In the summer of 2015 my goal was to make Midget AAA hockey. I did not meet my goal, and was told by a few coaches that I was almost there, but something was missing. I came across the idea of vision training and was referred to Optimum edge. I began working with Reid less than a month before the Midget Jr. AA playoffs started, thinking it might help the playoff push and tryout performances a bit in the coming month. It helped a lot.

I hadn’t advanced past the first round of playoffs in 4 years. Suddenly we were in the 3rd round, 1 game away from the GTHL finals. The results on and off the ice were outstanding. Pucks seemed to slow down. Rebounds were easier to control. It became easier to find defensemen to play the puck to. Off the ice, my school marks rose 3% – 4% each class.

Then came the AAA and Jr. tryouts. Optimum edge helped put me over the top. Instead of being told “we’re moving on from you” I was getting a lot of “we like the way you play” and “can you come out again”. The success continued, as I signed with the Guelph Midget AAA Gryphons. Thanks, in large part to Anne and Reid, I had a great season, starting by going 3-0 with an 0.33 GAA in preseason, finishing with a lower GAA than I had in AA hockey the year before, and helping Guelph reach the second round of the playoffs. I just barely missed an All-star birth, as I was 3rd in league GAA at the time of selection and the top 2 GAAs were taken. Training with Optimum Edge will take your game to the next level and help you achieve your goals.”

Guelph Gryphons Midget AAA Goalie
Autism Testimonial for Optimum Edge
“About 2 years ago my son Austin, who has Autism, started attending weekly sessions at Optimum Edge.

I was extremely skeptical when were we first started and that wasn’t helped by Austin’s reluctance to go.

You see my son Austin has always struggled with trying new things in his life and from his point of view this was just a waste of time. We made a deal together that he would try in for a month and if he still didn’t like it we would stop.

Although the deal was brokered it still took a lot of persuasion to get Austin to go to the first couple of appointments. Then a funny thing happened, leading up to his third weekly session Austin became frustrated when a last minute thing came up and weren’t able to make our weekly appointment.

When I asked him why he was upset he said, “it’s because it’s really starting to help me. I have noticed I can focus better in school, my anxiety is less and I really enjoy it.”

Since that time we have continued with our weekly visits and so has Austin’s continued improvement. Optimum Edge hasn’t just helped Austin with his focus and his anxiety, it’s also helped him develop his fine motor skills which when were first started was among the worst they have ever tested.

Fast forward 2 years and Austin’s scores are among some of the elite level athletes that also train here.

The difference this program has made in my son has been dramatic to say the least and has definitely made me a believer in this program.”

Jason Riley
Racing With Autism
Vision Training for Hockey Testimonial for Optimum Edge
“Growing up playing the position of goalie in hockey, you are constantly trying to improve your technique and skill in the position. Every summer, I am consistently training and learning new save techniques to gain the edge on shooters. I never would have thought training my vision would become apart of that.

Slowly but surely, vision training has made its way into the goalie world. After reading an article from a goalie magazine on vision training, I began reaching out to different places that offer the training. I currently am playing NCAA D3 hockey and was looking for that extra edge to get me to that next level for the season. This is where I came across Anne and Reid Arnold from Optimum Edge.

After going in and seeing their location, I was sold on the training. I did a three-day evaluation followed by a ten session training program. It wasn’t long after starting the sessions in the training program I began to see the affects on the ice. I noticed my peripheral awareness expand and really could zone in on the puck, making the shots seem a lot slower.

After seeing these results on the ice, I now see how the eye is a muscle and can be trained. I know many people will be skeptical of this training (I was at first), you truly will see the results transfer over to your play on the ice.

Anne and Reid are excellent people to help coach you through the training and help bring the best out of you (along with a few laughs). They can tweak the training to help work on a deficit you are having or just keep pushing you to the limit to bring out your best in the training.

I would definitely recommend anyone to Optimum Edge if they were considering the training. I know once they step foot in the training center that they will be convinced Optimum Edge is right for them.”

Matt Young
Finlandia University – NCAA D3 Hockey
“My name is Amanda and I am 30 years old, and a Paramedic with the City of Toronto. Doing neurofeedback at Optimum Edge has been a very positive experience with my healing journey of multiple concussions. I have sustained 5 concussions in the past 3.5 years. After sustaining one serious brain injury, it is a lot easier to sustain a second and third, and the symptoms and effects are cumulative with every head injury. My concussions were all fluke accidents, and the last concussion I sustained was from a car accident this 2016 year.

I have done about 20 neurofeedback sessions at Optimum Edge with amazing results. The symptoms I was experiencing prior to doing neurofeedback were brain fog, concentration issues, headaches, depression, and memory issues, to name a few. I started noticing improvements after the 5th neurofeedback treatment. I experienced an improvement in my concentration, my anxiety is completely resolved, depression has lifted, my memory has improved, organizational skills improved and my motivation and energy improved as well. I still continue to do neurofeedback once a week with continual improvement in my overall mental clarity and general wellbeing.

Anne and Reid are very knowledgeable in all aspects of head injuries, sport enhancement and overall personal improvement and wellbeing. I feel that Optimum Edge is a lot different than any other business, as Anne and Reid are both extremely compassionate and have a real understanding of what it is like to live with a brain injury, as Reid himself has sustained a brain injury. Concussions are often very misunderstood by other medical professionals, and to be treated in a place where there is a true knowing, and understanding is very validating. I would recommend Optimum Edge to anyone who is looking to improve their general wellbeing, to anyone who has sustained a brain injury, people looking to enhance their sporting performance, and to other Emergency Service Personal dealing with the effects of PTSD.”

City of Toronto Paramedic