Experience of Neurofeedback

The Experience of Neurofeedback

Here’s a very personal story of the experience of Neurofeedback, in our client’s own words:

Drew’s Story

Dear Anne,

thank you for making neurofeedback available to me. When I started my sessions, I responded to the questionnaires with high degrees of dissatisfaction, boredom and guilt. Although never suicidal, my enjoyment of life was decreasing.

My fear of being judged is still high but I feel like I have more space to examine that than I used to.

I said I had trouble learning from experience, difficulty seeing options, tendencies to fight change and perceived opposition.

In my life, I was not working and having difficulty finding work. My motivation was low.

So… since beginning neurofeedback, I have noticed I am generally calmer, and I am able to alter my behaviour by noticing when I haven’t but I desire to, and then actually making changes. That’s actually huge.

I reduced my alcohol consumption, which wasn’t high to begin with but was regular. It was a little mindless. A certain time of day would roll around and so I’d have a drink. Or two. Every night.

These days, I may split a beer, or enjoy a drink here and there, but it doesn’t occupy my thinking like a destination. And breaking out of the habitual thinking I attribute largely to doing neurofeedback.

I was on a recovery line physically from numerous injuries, and I had tried many things to improve my state. After I started neurofeedback, I joined a gym, and I have lost at least five pounds and kept it off, while improving my stamina and endurance and strength and flexibility. I had training in all of those areas before, but making the change and continuing with good practices is something I had found difficult before neurofeedback.

Towards the last few sessions, I worried slightly that I might not get any more out of it, but truthfully, the routine of going to the office, lying back and spending time addressing concerns and hearing the crackle and then relaxing and letting it all go was a very positive experience right up to and including the last session.

I have found it easier to act on my principals without getting unduly upset. When I do get upset, I notice it and seek a solution. This makes me feel more powerful and in charge of my own life.

I’ve noticed a reduction in the power negative things have in my thinking. Everything from road rage to family dynamics, I notice how I’m still subject to emotional reactions, but that they don’t have the staying power or the negative intensity that they used to. So, I’m able to stay more focused on what I do want instead of indulging my reactions to what I don’t want.

As a privileged first world person, my problems are not on the scale of people who must struggle to survive every day. I think part of the “first world’s” problem is that we think we have to, and stage mini-protests in our minds with accompanying guilt and stress. Recognizing how lucky I am and looking at how I can achieve more because I want to is a very positive outcome of ten sessions with you.

Everyone involved in the process at the office was pleasant and helpful. You are very personable, open and generous.

I would recommend neurofeedback for quite a variety of things after my experience.

Thank you.

August 2016